Vision, Mission & Strategic Objectives


  • To be the lead custodian of professional interest and black business in the Financial Services sector


  • To be organisation of first choice for financial professionals by addressing and promoting professional needs and interests of members
  • To play an active and sustainable role in advocacy, leadership, development and influence in the Financial Services and the broader economy
  • To promote the economic development of black firms in the Financial Services sector
  • To build leaders that shape the future of the Financial Services industry and the broader economy

Strategic Objectives

  • To increase awareness and membership by being the preferred organisation for students, professionals and organisations in the financial services sector
  • To provide thought leadership in all policy and legislative matters affecting the financial services sector and the broader economy
  • To foster strategic relationships with like-minded organisations
  • To actively promote the development of black women professionals and black women controlled companies in the sector
  • To facilitate growth in the demographic representation of the number of black Professionals, black-owned and black-women owned companies, including in the core strategic areas of the financial services sector
  • To promote the financial sector and allied professions within the black communities;
  • To accelerate skills and career development among black professionals at all levels in the sector
  • To recognise and celebrate success and excellence in the sector
  • To ensure long term financial stability and provide adequate resources to implement programs


The Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP), was established in 1995 to address the apparent lack of representation of black professionals in the securities and investment industry.

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Our Philosophy

To be the lead custodian of professional interest and black business in the Financial Services sector.

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Our Shared Values

ABSIP embraces and espouses the qualities of; be the change you want, show passion, do good, do the right thing.

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Our Constitution

The Association shall not be entitled to carry on any trading or other profit-making activities for gain or participate in any business.

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